The Pop'dcast Ep. 6

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The Pop'dcast Ep. 6

Mark Wieder • February 21, 2019

You have to change your pattern. You can’t just have thoughts about change. There has to be action behind it.

Today’s talk is about the book “Money Magic: Clearing Your Path to Money, Time and Happiness” by Michelle Masters

JeAnna and Mark realize that they want to help others, but that shouldn’t prohibit them from getting theirs, too! Just like us, you may want to give away your services/products for a reduced rate or for free which leaves you in a constant downward spiral chasing money. You may feel out of place being successful or like you won’t belong if you’re making money, so you act in ways that cause financial stress. That sh!t is backwards! You have to make money to stay in business to help more people.

The book outlines that change patterns can help you rewrite and rewire your brain chemistry without backtacking. Trying to will yourself into prosperity, or into peak physical shape, or into a happy marriage will only cause you to backtrack elsewhere. By creating change pattern, one can access deep parts of your mind to create the change that willpower won’t get to.

Think about it. You put up defense mechanisms to protect yourself, so you have to break down those walls to see why you’re protecting yourself. Not buying it? Listen to Je and Mark while they work on one of the exercises from the book.